Located at the Ka Makana Ali’i Shopping Center ~ Each dish is made to order!

Hawaiian's Best Korean BBQ - Quality Food, Cooked with Pride

Hawaiian's Best Korean BBQ - Quality Food, Cooked with Pride

"Born and raised Korean, this is the best Korean bbq on the island I've found. Great quality meat, amazing seasoning/sauces, perfectly piled sides, kimchi is delicious and fresh. The only area for improvement would be re-examining the balance between creating pretty/presentable plates, and the time it takes to get through a single customer."

Devin K.


"Fantastic tasting Korean BBQ. My favorite place on Oahu. Everything they make is excellent. Delicious spicy chicken, GREAT Kalbi, and even scrumptious tteokbokki!"

Gene J.


"Such good food, and the sides are awesome! The plates are nice and heavy. Anytime we go Korean we always get Kalbi and spicy pork, and it is very good here! I appreciate how they cut the kalbi into smaller pieces."



"I love their food! Probably my favorite Korean place on Oahu. I knew their main courses would be tasty after I tasted their side dishes, and every one was delicious down to the perfectly cooked rice! I'm so happy to have found this place."

Yoriko J.


"Love their Kim Chee Fried Rice! Have not yet been disappointed with any of their food yet. Their sides are also very generous, I could have a meal alone on sides. For the price, I believe you get more than what is paid for. Keep it up!"

Eric A.


"I've had a lot of Korean BBQ (Los Angeles, New York, Hawaii, Washington, DC, etc). This place is seriously THE BEST I have ever eaten in my life! I found out that the Kalbi is bought fresh everyday and never frozen. The QUALITY is excellent!!!"



"The people and the food are top notch."

John K.

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I Love Korean BBQ
Welcome to I love Korean BBQ. Our menu features Kalbi & BBQ Chicken, Spicy Pork, Meat Jun, and more! Don't forget to try our Bi Bim Bap & Tofu Soup and the Fried Mandoo! Find us at Ka Makana Ali'i Shopping Mall, Kapolei Parkway. Order online for carryout or delivery!
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